Spotlight on swissnex

If you turned on the evening news in Western Switzerland on November 8, 2010, you would have seen a rundown of the day’s annual meeting of swissnex directors and stakeholders, which took place this year at the Rolex Learning Center on the campus of EPFL in Lausanne.

Attended by Interior Minister Didier Burkhalter and other leaders, swissnex Day featured talks by swissnex directors as well as those who have benefited from the 10-year-old network of outposts. swissnex Boston recently celebrated its 10th birthday.

Internet platform Amazee‘s co-founder, for example, gained traction in the Silicon Valley thanks to swissnex San Francisco’s guidance and valuable contacts.

swissnex San Francisco’s director Christian Simm told the press how the organization works to bring technology from Switzerland to the Bay Area in a way that makes sense to investors and potential collaborators in the region.

And Mr. Burkhalter expressed the swissnex network’s relevance for Swiss science and technology, as each of the five locations are strategically placed in important centers of innovation, research, and education. See the clip from the tsr network’s evening news program below, and on la télé.

swissnex Day