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At the March 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC), the Swiss contingent boasts outstanding results—even before the festivities kick off.

Going into the conference, Swiss games carry six nominations for Development Awards at Game Connection, one for the Independent Game Festival, two for the International Mobile Game Awards, and two for GDC’s Best In Play. That’s a lot of recognition for a relatively little country, and it surely helps solidify Switzerland as a center of innovation in the videogame industry.

GDC advisory board member Ru Weerasuiya, CEO of Ready at Dawn and Creative Director of the gaming blockbuster The Order 1886, points out that Switzerland is the number one country at GDC in terms of nominations per capita.

Swiss born Ru sees his home country’s excellent education system as one of the main reasons, noting that higher education in Switzerland selects for “people with enthusiasm and passion.”

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  • March 5, 2015, GDC Conference (Sessions and Speakers), Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco: Hacking Cities: Procedural Modeling by ESRI Zurich

(*nominated games and studios)

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Photo credit for featured image: Raphaëlle Mueller