Switzerland’s First Open Data Camp

After co-organizing data in sight: making the transparent visual with the Consulate General of the Netherlands and Creative Commons, swissnex San Francisco was particularly excited to sponsor a set of events in Switzerland with a similar format: short, intensive “hackathons” in which small teams work to create data visualizations from open data sets. The crew behind organized two gatherings in this vein in September, one at EPFL in Lausanne and another at ZHdK in Zurich.

The organizers expected around 30 people at each location, but were positively surprised by a total of more than 100 participants overall, including designers, developers, and others interested in the hot topic of data visualization. The organizers were equally impressed with the number and quality of projects: 21 were initiated on topics from visualizing taxes to better traffic flow to what politicians are talking about

The connections made at the events gave the data visualization community in Switzerland a definite boost, according to Jeremy Stucki from Interactive Things, one of the co-organizers. “Switzerland’s open data movement definitely has made a step forward, a step whose importance cannot be overestimated,” he said.

swissnex San Francisco can’t wait for a sequel of!


Photos courtesy of Frederic Jacobs


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