Swissnex under construction

Under Construction

Something is up in our event space and boardroom. There is sawdust on the floor, holes in the walls, the bathroom is stripped, and tools and equipment are strewn about. It’s the reason we’ve been a bit quiet on the events front lately. But all the demo and dust means a new and improved swissnex come August.

“We have reached the limits of our operations,” explains swissnex San Francisco Director and Founder, Christian Simm. Put another way, we are bursting at the seams. We have more interest than ever in our services, and we are overrun with requests to share our workspace, host meetings, and co-organize events. All good.

To make room, we’re modifying our ground floor by adding office space, opening up the lobby, and relocating the boardroom. Our event room will also get a new layout to improve flow, and we’ll add a bathroom with spiffy new fixtures and cabinetry thanks to Laufen Bathrooms North America. Upstairs, we’ll provide nooks where employees and visitors can hold impromptu discussions or formal meetings.

“It’s actually quite cool,” says Simm of his feelings toward the changes. “The new layout will help us facilitate and share; to have a space that is more welcoming and lively for those we serve.”

Please bear with us while we are under construction, and come back soon to meet with us or experience one of our events.