Simulation Story: VirtaMed’s Virtual Surgery

Text by Kassandra Bucher

In 2007, the Swiss startup and ETH Zurich spin-off VirtaMed helped revolutionize medical education by producing highly realistic virtual surgical simulators for safe training without the patient.

Today, the simulators are in use for endoscopy, urology, gynecology, and arthroscopy at hospitals and training centers around the world to help prepare surgeons for their crucial roles.

How it Works

The idea behind VirtaMed’s simulators is that surgeons should be able to train on a life-like model with the same instruments that they’d use on a patient during surgery. VirtaMed offers just that with a rubber model with magnetic tracking, real-life operating tools, and a screen that shows the surgeons’ movements within a joint, say, as well as a 3D image of their precise location in the body.

VirtaMed at swissnex San Francisco

Ronald Suhner, a marketing associate from VirtaMed, is in residence at swissnex San Francisco in August for a research tour exploring the market potential for VirtaMed in the west coast and the entire US market. swissnex San Francisco is providing the workspace and its vast network of contacts to support the young company.

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