Swissnex San Francisco

Visualization of Our Own

One of the swissnex connects the dots between Switzerland and North America is through public events, big and small, all over the West Coast and across the nation. Our events offer visitors from diverse backgrounds valuable opportunities to meet other professionals and experience new ideas at the leading edge of technology and innovation.

We were curious about our audience so we decided to create an interactive visualization of last year’s events to help us explore each event by category—life sciences, sustainability, architecture—or attendee background. Do only artists come to our technology and art exhibitions? Not at all. Meanwhile, our event on the LHC did bring a majority of attendees from academia. Plenty of members of the media, however, showed up to an event on the psychology of energy conservation. The visualization, in other words, told us what we already knew. Our audience is diverse, educated, and interested in all kinds of subjects. They like that we tackle topics from physics to neuroscience to architecture, and we’re going to keep bringing innovative programming to you for years to come.

See for yourself and learn about the events we had last year.

Visualization by Michael Porath & Gabriel Nansen