Yahoo! for Fontself

Tired of Times, Gill Sans, and Arial? Wish you could create a font all your own? Fontself, a start-up from Switzerland (home of the Helvetica typeface), allows for just that by providing a cloud-based system for personalizing communications with creative, unique fonts. And now, its free application My Cool Fonts is available in US Yahoo! Mail.

With Fontself, users can craft their own hand-drawn letters and emoticons, upload them to the Internet, and instantly personalize blogs, posts, and email without having to store the font locally. Fontself is currently available on Facebook, MySpace, Netlog, and Blogger in addition to Yahoo! Mail, a deal that was announced in February.

“Handwriting is one of the most intimate forms of communication,” says Franz Hoffman, the company’s CEO and co-founder. “Fontself allows users to display their messages as if they were hand-written. Personal electronic messages are finally becoming truly personal.”

Fontself is a CTI company currently in residence at swissnex San Francisco taking part in the US Market Entry CAMP. During their stay in the Bay Area, Fontself executives are actively cultivating new investors and partnerships and are in talks with design and art schools to set up font creation workshops. They’ve already held workshops at the French and Chinese American International Schools.

Fontself hosts an ever-growing library of creative alphabets generated by graphic designers, artists, and illustrators helping to make social interactions online as distinctive as the voices broadcasting them.