Resiliency Reunion: Outcomes from the Earthquake Hackathon

On August 11 at swissnex San Francisco, participants of the Earthquake Resilience Hackathon reconvened with ETH Zurich professor and FuturICT leader Dirk Helbing, a data scientist, to discuss their progress and new ideas since the June event. The group agreed that working together would surely make each project stronger and be the best chance for a truly resilient city and world.

Representatives from the Salvation Army, from healthcare, and from the private sector presented the advances they’ve made since the hackathon on ideas including the second-place winning Helpful Hands—that team has since built a web app that matches the immediate needs of aid organizations with what donors have to offer in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Beth Ferguson, of Sol Design Lab, led the hackathon’s third-place winning Charge Beacon project. At the reunion, she announced that work continues and two new charging stations have been installed on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

“We’ve actually coded some of the work we did at the hackathon into our product,” said Ragi Burhum, co-founder of the hackathon’s first-place winning Amigo Cloud. “It showed how important it is to get out of the office and talk to people.”

Burhum and his co-founder Victor Chernetsky showed off recent developments with their mapping solution, which allows anyone—on or offline—to update and log problem areas as they move around a city, greatly enriching the available data for first-responders.

swissnex San Francisco is proud to be the nexus for this ongoing discussion.