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swissnex SF helps Swiss startups
gain a foothold in Silicon Valley.

swissnex SF connects startups to our local network, and provides tools, techniques, training, and workspace in the Bay Area. Twice a year, the swissnex SF Startup Camp brings together startups from EPFL XGrant and Innosuisse Market Entry Camp, and is also open to all Swiss startups for a free trial. Get in touch with any questions or see below for more information.

Next Startup Camp: 4-23 August 2019

What We Offer




up to 5 days

(once only)


  • Floating desk in workspace for a week.
  • Open to all Swiss startups. Conditions apply.


6 months introductory pricing, then billed annually


  • Floating desk, year round in workspace.
  • Meeting rooms, events, community, etc.
  • Open to all Swiss startups.


Startup Camp


Next dates:

February 4-22, 2019

August 2019 dates TBC









* Free if your startup is in the Innosuisse program and received initial coaching voucher (also free, apply here by clicking on “submit your application”). Innosuisse was previously called CTI/KTI and the camps were called”CTI Market Entry Camps”. They are now called “Internationalisation Camp” by Innosuisse.

Since 2010, we’ve supported 83 Swiss startups.

We integrate a community of over 400 founders and organizations.

Our startup alumni have a combined valuation of $1.1B, and have created more than 500 jobs.

In the press

“With its Startup Camps [swissnex San Francisco] helps Swiss startups to gain a foothold in Silicon Valley.”


8 learnings for swiss Startups in the Bay Area


The Startup Camp Program

The 3-4-week swissnexSF Startup Camp in February and August consists of :

Mondays: Office Hours

Weekly peer learning sessions with the swissnex team to exchange solutions and discuss progress.


Wednesdays: Fireside Chats

We invite successful entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and journeys. You ask questions and meet.


Fridays: Toolkits

Experts share knowledge in US law, fundraising, marketing, growth, pitching, strategy and more. Depends on startup camp dates.


Demo Days

Opportunities to practice and gain feedback on your pitch to the community, investors, entrepreneurs and the public at pitching sessions and demo days.


Meetups, client meetings and lots of time to work on your project at our workspace at Pier17.


No Equity

As we’re a public funded startup camp, we take no equity (if you come through Innosuisse, we can even pay a small stipend towards your costs).


More from past startup camp participants on what they have learned in Silicon Valley: 8 Learnings for Swiss Start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Coaches & Speakers


  • Franziska Steiner, organizer, swssnexSF
  • Linda Aerne, organizer, swissnexSF

Our Partners

Our Swiss Community


All Startup Camp Alumni

Name/URL Cohort Status Area Description
AdvAlsor W 2019 active Digital
AdvAlsor is introducing the self-aware-organisation corporate awareness tool through AI that is analyzing written communication.
GetLocal W 2019 active Tourism GetLocal is building an online tourism portal which brings all parts of traveling in to one centralized platform to minimize the traveler’s time organizing through digitizing the concierge service.
IDUN W 2019 active Sensor
IDUN Technologies offers unobtrusive, accurate skin electrodes for wearables that allow biomonitoring for everybody everywhere through conductive silicone patches.
LORIOT W 2019 active IoT LORIOT services and software enable you to operate large scale Internet of Things (IoT) networks based on the LoRaWAN technology – the Android for IoT.
Largo W 2019 active Movie
Largo has 2 businesses:  new models for the movie industry + data driven moviemaking). The billion dollar advertisement industry is a new opportunity for them.
RB2 W 2019 active Robotics RB2 enables autonomous control of robots through multiple environments with neural networks based on camera inputs.
L2F S 2018 active Software L2F is a task-force of mathematicians with a profound understanding of Machine Learning and Algebraic Topology.
IP Mate S 2018 active Software IP mate matches researchers with the best specialists to help them protect their IP.
Twelve S 2018 active Software Twelve helps you find time to hang with friends spontaneously.
Summus S 2018 active Software Summus helps small to medium sized businesses manage their data and processes better
Juniorconnect S 2018 active Software Junior Connect helps students, student organisations and corporations looking for talent find each other on campus.
Ouay S 2018 active Engineering / Software Ouay offers novel solutions to make better elderly care available.
Jenyai S 2018 active Software Jenyai is your friendly AI tutor.
Imverse S 2018 active Software Imverse reduces the time and cost of producing photoreal VR experiences and Hollywood movies with volumetric modeling.
Malmath S 2018 active Software MalMath is a math problem solver with step by step description and graph analysis. It is free and solves integrals, derivatives, limits, trigonometry, logarithms, equations, and algebra.
KaiosID S 2018 active Software KaiosID offers counterfeiting protection for your brand.
Foodetective S 2018 active Software Foodetective offers curated reviews and recommendations for foodies all over the world.
Rosie Reality S 2018 active Software Rosie introduces your child to robotics and programming through adventurous puzzles and active play. A fun and educational AR app for iPhone.
Re/Me S 2018 active Engineering / Software Re/Me is a multi sensory technology to enhance body awareness for well-being.
Precision Vine W 2018 active Software Precisionvine helps wine growers optimize yields and fight disease with computer vision analysis of drone imagery.
Future Instruments W 2018 active Engineering / Software Future instruments develops core interactive technologies
Parquery W 2018 active Software Smart parking in the cloud
Nomoko S 2017 active Engineering / Software Nomoko creates photorealistic 3D models with 3D software and the compact Nomoko camera.
Codecheck S 2017 active Online Consumers can find information about more than 38 million products in the free CodeCheck database.
Embotech S 2017 active Software Driverless vehicle motion planning technology.
Eyeware S 2017 active Software Attention sensing for smart machines.
Sobu S 2017 active Online Sobu combines the best of referral marketing, affiliates, couponing and cash back.
Stuward W 2017 active Online Offer the best support possible to a person living with dementia.
IRsweep W 2017 active Biotech IRsweep launched its spectroscopy device at the start of this year. Spectroscopy involves the analysis of substances with the help of light.
Seervision W 2017 active Engineering / Software Intelligent autonomous video production.
Vinoflux W 2017 active Engineering VINOflux accomplishes your wines. You define date, maturity and flavor.
Bestmile S 2016 active Software World’s first cloud platform for the operation and optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets.
Cloudcities S 2016 closed Software
Comfylight S 2016 active Engineering Comfylight protects your home with realistic presence simulation and detection of intrusion.
Fanpictor S 2016 active Online Reach fans at your event and millions of viewers in front of TV.
GaitUp S 2016 acquired by MindMaze Software Combining smart sensors and biomechanics, Gait Up provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports and Health.
KeyLemon S 2016 active Software Natural Authentication, Recognized by your face, like your friends do.
MilKit W 2016 active Engineering milKit is a revolutionary valve system that makes installation and maintenance of tubeless tires quick and easy.
OneVisage W 2016 active Online OneVisage develops a solution that identifies users via a 3D image of their face.
SmartCardia W 2016 active Engineering / Software Smart Card solution.
TagXY W 2016 active Software TagXY makes relevant information directly visible on the objects and places with augemented reality.
TelePort W 2016 active Online Turn any video into a website.
Ava S 2015 active Medtech Ava helps couples have a child with an elegant bracelet worn at night, connected to a smartphone app.
Beekeeper S 2015 active Online Bring the digital workplace to non-desk workers.
Creoptix S 2015 active Medtech Experience a new level of sensitivity and flexibility in drug discovery.
Fashwell S 2015 active Online Online fashion e-commerce.
Feedback Now S 2015 active Online Gain instant feedback from customers.
FotoKite W 2015 active Engineering Tethered drones, optimized for aerial photography.
Hoosh W 2015 closed Online Hoosh is a Search & Social Media Intelligence company. We bring directly applicable insights to online marketers and decision makers.
Memoways W 2015 active Online A new way to experience video. Add fine grained navigation to your videos and publish interactive video projects within minutes.
Goodwall S 2014 active Online Goodwall develops a social network for communication among students.
HappyNumbers S 2014 active Edtech While you teach small groups, HappyNumbers serves as an independent math center,providing individualized instruction for the rest of the class.
Iprova S 2014 active Consulting Iprova uses advanced machine learning to create commercially relevant inventions at high speed and with great diversity.
Jet Messaging S 2014 active Software We produce software for software developers to make their life easier.
Luma7 W 2014 active Software Luma 7 is an algorithm that analyses text content and understands what are the relations in that content and how they link.
Quip W 2014 active Online Quip is a connected hub where teams create, discuss, and organize their work from any device.
Atizo S 2013 active Online Atizo’s community helps innovative organizations easily find a rich source of ideas and feedback for new products or services.
MarketWired S 2013 acquired by Nasdaq Online Marketwired provides news release distribution and a full range of communication solutions to public relations.
Faceshift S 2013 acquired by Apple Software Faceshift developed technology to create animated avatars and other figures that capture a person’s facial expressions in real time.
FlatEV S 2013 active Engineering The device developed by Flatev bakes tortillas, crêpes and cookies. It is based on a capsule-system, similar to the one found in coffee machines. The company is a ‘born global’ on the Swiss startup scene….
Kaywa W 2013 active Software QR code software.
Knime W 2013 active Software Knime builds software for fast, easy and intuitive access to advanced data science, helping organizations drive innovation.
Sensometrix W 2013 closed Biotech Sensometrix brings biometrics for a convenient and secure daily usage.
Dualsystems S 2012 active Biotech Dualsystems Biotech is a service provider for custom proteomics for industry and academia.
Gbanga S 2012 active Games Gbanga creates mixed-reality games.
Koemei S 2012 acquired by Crealogix Software CREALOGIX acquired the cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Koemei.
Koubachi S 2012 acquired by Husqvarna Engineering Now integrated into the Husqvarna GARDENA smart system, Koubachi has discontinued selling its own products.
Qualysense W 2012 active Engineering Makes life-science robot for single-kernel sorting.
SublimeVideo W 2012 acquired by DailyMotion Online Video software platform.
BioApply S 2011 active Engineering Biodegradable plastic bags.
FontSelf S 2011 active Software Turn any lettering into OpenType fonts – right from your favorite creative apps!
Kandou S 2011 active Engineering Kandou specializes in the design of high-speed, and pin- and energy-efficient chip-to-chip links.
NextWidgets W 2011 closed Software NextWidgets helps online merchants enable advanced Display and Facebook promotions with a suite of tools.
Scandit W 2011 active Software We provide the highest quality mobile barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.
Sobees W 2011 active Software All your social feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) in one, easy-to-use dashboard.
Vissee W 2011 active Software Research advanced AI.
Dacuda S 2010 acquired by Magic Leap Software Dacuda’s SLAM Scan technology is already used in over 1M devices and has several different application areas.
Doodle S 2010 acquired by Tamedia Online Doodle simplifies scheduling
Insphero S 2010 active Biotech Advancing 3D cell-culture-based technology to deliver more biologically relevant insights for in vitro testing.
iTaste S 2010 active Online Restaurant guide and reservation.
Kooaba S 2010 acquired by Qualcomm Software Kooaba is an expert in image recognition on mobile devices.
MedLight S 2010 active Medtech Medlight produces and commercializes a large range of catheters for an optimal endoscopic illumination.
Memonic W 2010 active Software Take notes or clip any web content, take it with you wherever you go, share it with the world, or just a group.
MindMaze W 2010 active Medtech MindMaze combines immersive virtual reality, brain imaging and 3D technology in real time to build novel platforms for Neurorehabilitation, Game Training and 3D Imaging.
Minsh W 2010 active Software Private Messaging App
Nexthink W 2010 active Software Nexthink Step-Changes Critical IT Operations.
QGel Bio W 2010 active Biotech QGel provides tunable synthetic extracellular matrices (ECMs) for in vitro cellular based studies.
RegenLab W 2010 active Biotech Regen Lab makes products for autologous regenerative medicine based on freshly prepared platelet rich plasma.
SVOX W 2010 acquired by Nuance Software SVOX is an embedded speech technology company.