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Explore ground-breaking ideas for humankind and for the planet through interdisciplinary public events, exhibits, and special programs in the areas of science, education, art, and innovation.

More than 400 speakers share each year at over 100 events in the US and Switzerland on the topics that matter most. Want to work together? Get in touch.

Data Canvas Case Study: Citizen Science and Civic Engagement

Data Canvas: Sense Your City empowered citizens to sense and make sense of their environment by creating a DIY sensor network to measure pollution, dust, light, sound, temperature, and humidity. With partners Gray Area and Lift, we created an interactive map, opened the data, and asked participants around the world to use it to narrate a story about their city. The best stories received prestigious prizes and exposure.

Over the course of four months across seven cities in three continents, we engaged over 120,000 people and got to know more than 700 of those who participated in workshops and events. Ninety-eight citizens assembled and deployed sensors on their residences, offices, universities and local hackerspaces, and 340 people exchanged ideas online.

Real Virtuality Case Study: Seeing Something New

Real Virtuality was an installation from Geneva-based studio Artanim. It is a multi-user immersive platform combining a 3D environment seen through a virtual reality headset, with a real-life set. Users are tracked by a motion capture system, allowing them to physically move through a virtual environment—a pharoah’s tomb, a maze, a dance performance—and interact with other people in the space.

While in San Francisco, a scout for the Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier exhibit stopped by and invited Artanim to participate in the festival. And the duo behind Tested, Will Smith and Norman Chan, came to interview the creators. Watch what they thought.

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