Living Lab

Bringing together our residents, partners, and diverse activities, we focus on four areas: space, community, learning, and corporate innovation services.

Space, Community and Corporate Innovation

swissnex San Francisco brings together a diverse community of universities, startups, corporates, artists, and designers as residents in our living lab at Pier 17. We connect our partners to our unique network and community, and to new sets of questions and ideas that inspire innovation in their field. We’re interested in how our work might change, as the work of those we work with changes, and in how to co-create and test new models of collaboration.

Bringing together our residents, partners, and diverse activities, we focus on four areas: space, community, learning, and corporate innovation services.  


Scouting trends that will impact our workplaces and workspaces, we partner with design and technology innovators to strategically implement ideas, products, and systems that bring creative and collaborative ecosystems to life. By encouraging our partners to prototype with us, we become part of the innovation process while allowing our space to continuously adapt to our changing needs.


swissnex SF co-works alongside a diverse resident community of universities, startups, corporate innovation outposts, artists, and designers. By curating an interdisciplinary group of organizations and individuals, we aim to build an open innovation platform that empowers residents to test ideas, and sparks collaborations.


Exponential technological shifts are rapidly changing the way we work, where we work, and why we work. As a result, there is a growing need to create collaborative spaces where diverse communities can experiment and innovate together. To share our insights, we offer a range of workshops and peer learning sessions to our community at Pier 17.



For more information about space and community contact Yannick Heiniger, Head of Partnerships


Corporate Innovation Services


We offer a toolbox of services to co-create with you in an interdisciplinary way.


As your trusted Swiss partner with 15 years of experience within both Silicon Valley and the Swiss innovation ecosystem, we engage in a co-creation process to design the right service for our partners. Our strength lies in our interdisciplinary nature, which allows us to draw on the most relevant approach, networks, and formats to accompany our corporate partners in their innovation journey.

Our innovation services focus on trend and technology foresight, innovation culture, and transformation processes. We do not believe in a linear path, and instead offer a toolbox of services.

Innovation Services at swissnex SF include:

 • Ideation workshops and roundtables in Switzerland or San Francisco;

 • Innovation exchanges and learning journeys bridging Switzerland and Silicon Valley;

 • Scouting mandates and foresight services performed remotely for our Swiss partners;

 • Immersion programs combining short-term residency in our community with innovation services or prototyping opportunities.

We provide workspace and infrastructure for our partners to set up their innovation outpost at Pier 17 for companies that have defined their innovation agenda.




To ideate new perspectives on emerging technologies and innovation processes, swissnex SF curates workshops with groups including academics, corporates, and startups. Customized workshops may serve two purposes: deepening an understanding of our partners’ business needs, and broadening our partners’ perspectives of these needs.


Innovation Exchange

An innovation exchange includes a customized 2-5 day learning journey in Silicon Valley and two half-day deep-dive workshops in Switzerland: one before the journey, to scope and align the innovation objectives; and one after, to synthesize learnings and suggest a transformation process.

We ensure sustained impact of the learnings from your stay in Silicon Valley through:

 • A pre-departure meeting or workshop

 • A customized program in Silicon Valley consisting of workshops and meetings

 • A post-trip meeting or workshop for knowledge transfer into your company and/or the Swiss ecosystem



Technology Scouting

For partners who seek longer-term engagement with Silicon Valley, we offer 6-12 month scouting services. We work closely with our partner, aligning objectives through weekly phone calls and recommend regular in-person workshops to comprehend focus areas, strategic priorities and potential constraints. We offer:

 • Access to our established network with 15+ years experience in Silicon Valley

 • Consulting: brokering insights and partnership opportunities

 • Building innovation roadmaps

 • Running pilots


Immersion Program

Through an immersion or entrepreneur-in-residence program, swissnex San Francisco accelerates innovation projects for partners who have a solid pipeline of internal projects that will benefit from spending time in Silicon Valley. We help your team develop ideas in San Francisco and support them when they return to Switzerland with an integrated program approach to U.S.-style market innovation. We help large corporates and SMEs to:

 • Scan the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem and find their place in the market

 • Transform internally through consecutive innovation projects and coaching

 • Build an innovation roadmap toward a Silicon Valley outpost or alternative plug-in (e.g. partnerships, joint ventures)

 • Reduce risk and scale learnings through flexible workspace, and the opportunity to bring together your team in one location for multi-team projects.



swissnex San Francisco brings together a diverse community of universities, startups, corporates, artists, and designers in our living lab at Pier 17. We provide work space for persons with certain minimum requisite connections to the Swiss innovation ecosystem who conduct independent activities in Silicon Valley, but seek an active and supportive community, and a rich learning environment. For those persons qualifying as “Residents,” we provide:

 • Desk space

 • A launchpad to set up US presence

 • Access to prime infrastructure in our living lab at Pier 17

 • An engaged community at Pier 17

 • The opportunity to test and showcase products and ideas

 • Access to exclusive events from the interdisciplinary ecosystem

 • Opportunity to work with swissnex SF to produce one event per year

For more information about becoming a Resident, reach out via the form below.