Our Space, Community and Innovation

swissnex San Francisco brings together a diverse community of universities, startups, corporates , artists and designers in our living lab at Pier 17. We connect our clients and residents to our unique network and community, and to new sets of questions and ideas that inspire innovation in their field. We’re interested in how our work might change, as the work of those we work with changes, and in how to co-create and test new models of collaboration.

Bringing together our residents, partners, and diverse activities, we focus on four areas: space, community, learning and innovation services


Scouting trends that will impact our workplaces and workspaces, we partner with design and technology innovators to strategically implement ideas, products, and systems that are integral to a creative and collaborative ecosystem. By encouraging our partners to prototype and use our space, we become part of the innovation process while allowing our space to continuously adapt to our changing needs.


swissnex SF co-works alongside a diverse resident community of universities, startups, corporate innovation outposts, artists and designers. By curating an interdisciplinary group of organizations and individuals, we aim to build a collaborative platform that enables us to integrate our residents into our projects and events, and empowers residents to leverage the community to test products and ideas. 


Exponential technological shifts are rapidly changing the way we work, where we work, and why we work. As a result, there is a growing need to create collaborative spaces and diverse communities to experiment and innovate together. To share our insights and scale our learning, we invite external thought leaders together in a quarterly workshop series on the future of work.

Innovation Services

We offer a toolbox of services to co-create with you in a cross-disciplinary way.

Our living lab at Pier 17

We recently sat down with Raphael Gielgen, Head of Research and Trendscounting at Vitra to share his insights into working with swissnex SF on the future of work. As creators of the concept and product layout for our workspace design, Vitra develops spaces that can adapt and serve our diverse community. We will collaborate, study, and experiment with Vitra on all things connected to Work.


Program contact:
Emina Reissinger
Head of Partnerships
t: (415) 604-9789


  • Partners

    We work in partnership with an ever-widening group of individuals and organizations.
  • Residents

    Entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals share our space and help carry out our mission.