AfterWork Series

As part of The Living Lab, swissnex San Francisco runs a series of foresight workshops with insights to be shared on nextrends, swissnex SF’s blog. Titled ‘AfterWork’ and organized in partnership with Arup Foresight and Deloitte Center for the Edge, the quarterly workshops examine the future of work and are designed to foster meaningful exchange and a learning community.

This series champions swissnex San Francisco’s interdisciplinary approach and is dedicated to exploring diverse trends and technologies that will shape the future of work, both inside the workplace and beyond. Each session will be guided by four key questions essential to the future of work:

  • People – How can we take a human-centric approach?
  • Places – How do we understand our physical environments?
  • Patterns – How will we look beyond the silos?
  • Pathways – How could we transition?