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DART 17: An ideas testing lab for creatives to experiment & scale

Introducing DART 17, the ideas testing lab for creatives to experiment & scale. DART 17 provides artists with rapid prototype feedback and direct market access. San Francisco has the highest density of tech companies and venture capital investment in the world, making it an ideal testing ground for the quickly expanding creative economy. DART 17 is housed at swissnex at Pier 17 on the spectacular San Francisco waterfront, where over 70 co-workers from universities, corporations, governments, artists, designers, and other startups all share the same space.

Calling all creatives

swissnex San Francisco, Swisscom, Pro Helvetia, and Engagement Migros are now accepting applications for interdisciplinary projects between design, technology, art and research. DART 17 participants should be ready to create new creative content for interactive experiences using tools like AR, VR, 3D, data, robotics, sensors, gaming, and/or smart objects. Project leaders or teams from Switzerland, the US, or globally can apply with a ready prototype to test in the market during a one to three month testing lab in San Francisco.


DART 17 is an initiative by swissnex San Francisco, Swisscom, Pro Helvetia, Engagement Migros and the Gebert Rüf Foundation.


Apelab (CH)

Apelab is a VR production studio specializing in interactive storytelling. Their tool Spatial Stories empower anyone to create their own VR experiences. DART 17 is supporting Apelab in finding the right funding model and partnerships for their content as well as their new VR Tool. We’re looking for feedback from other developers, content partners, and investors.

Imverse (CH)

Imverse is democratizing photorealistic virtual and mixed reality content creation, transform a single 360° photo into a 3D interactive environment. Create easily a VR/MR experience with live hologram actors and real-time VFX.

Struckd (CH)

Struckd is working on becoming the next Youtube for user generated games. DART 17 is supporting Struckd by connecting them to industry experts for the continuous development of their platform and testing their market fit with large brands. At SXSW we’ll be looking for brands, influencers, and investors to make good matches.

Humanising Autonomy (EU)

Humanising Autonomy envisions a world of natural interactions between autonomous vehicles and humans. They develop human-centred solutions for human-machine interactions, using machine vision. Their first solution allows pedestrians to communicate with autonomous vehicles through machine-learned gestures. Now they’re developing a valuable solution for several autonomous industries.




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