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Consider partnering with swissnex San Francisco to expand your visibility and reach. Make unexpected connections and form fruitful collaborations with swissnex San Francisco’s network and audience.

Case Study Bay Area Science Festival: Innovative Content


swissnex has partnered with the Bay Area Science Festival since its inception to contribute public programming that shines a light on Switzerland’s excellence and ingenuity, and bring visibility to Swiss research like EPFL’s Biorobots (2015).

The Festival’s director, Kishore Hari, says of swissnex content in general, “How it’s framed, the experience you can have with a technology is totally wildly different than what you get anywhere else. One week, virtual reality, the next week biorobots, the next week fashion. On some level it doesn’t seem to go together but over time you see this emerging thread of the future, of how technology balances with science and society, and it’s just a beautiful fit in San Francisco. It’s such a unique niche that it occupies. swissnex San Francisco is amazing.”

Zurich Case Study: Cities and Industry

Mayor of Zurich

swissnex San Francisco partnered with the City of Zurich (Mayor Corine Mauch shown above), Canton of Zurich, the Life Science Zurich Business Network, and the San Francisco Zurich Sister City Committee to curate a public forum on the Citizen’s Revolution in health.

Speakers and attendees discussed emerging trends and how to deepen collaboration opportunities among entrepreneurs, investors, university researchers, and other thought leaders. The event was organized by RollSpeed and Greg Tutton, with support from Genentech and PwC.

Program contact:
Emina Reissinger
Head of Partnerships
t: (415) 604-9789