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Meet your goals through tailored, experiential study tours in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. Discover new and emerging trends, connect with peers, and share knowledge and best practices.

Study tour participants bring fresh perspectives and leave energized and inspired for what they want to achieve.

Future of Money Case Study: Keeping up with Innovation

Right now, the Silicon Valley is the heart of innovation in the financial services, and startups are some of the main players trying to come up with the perfect financial solution for the future. To connect and anticipate the shift, swissnex San Francisco led 12 representatives from eight Swiss banks and the editor-in-chief of the leading Swiss Business magazine Bilan on the first Future of Money Study Tour in late October 2014.

“I discovered the technology is not the most important thing here in the Silicon Valley, it’s the customer experience,” noted study tour participant Patrice Crisinel, former Chief of Staff at NorInvest.

Inspiring Science Communication Case Study: Fueling New Ideas

scicomm study tour

Inspiring Science Communication is dedicated to providing the Swiss science communication community with the opportunity to see, feel, touch, hear, and taste how alive the San Francisco Bay Area is with enthusiasm for the geeky, the gross, the nerdy. Participants take home a spirit of enthusiasm that will fuel new ideas, spark creative new formats, and ultimately serve to raise scientific knowledge and awareness within the Swiss general public and across all ages. The 2015 participants created a collection of impressions on Medium.

“There was so much interaction and excitement for making things with science [at Science Hack Day],” remarked participant Angela Detjen of the Swiss National Supercomuting Center. “It was great to see people from very different backgrounds get together to explore, participate in, and build new ways of interacting with and contributing to science. I really felt like they were having fun and playing with science, but creating something at the same time.”

BCV Startup Camp Case Study: Inspiring the Next Generation

To cultivate the characteristics of an entrepreneur in the next generation, the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) selected 10 Swiss undergraduate and graduate students from Swiss Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences to participate in the third annual BCV Silicon Valley Study Tour in 2015, organized by swissnex San Francisco.

The students landed in August in San Francisco, and were led throughout the week by swissnex’s Dominic Sutter of the Startup & Innovation Services team, as they soaked up inspiration, practiced their presentation skills, and took part in workshops.

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